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Why I’m hooked in KALYE SERYE

My Thoughts:

Kalye Serye has been really an eye opener for me because it made me realized that there is always the possibility of forever in love, if the two people involved is really working on it. I must admit that at first I was hesitant to watch it saying that it must be like the other show. Eat Bulaga proved me wrong in that aspects for so many reason:

1.They make me laugh.

2.It is broadcast live.

3.They have an amazing cast.

4.They make me feel kilig so effortlessly.

5.They impart lessons in life, love, family every day.

6.They make outstanding’s life twist (in the most unpredictable and humorous ways.)

7.The story is evolving in itself as it doesn’t focus on one or two characters.

8.Every character have different roles to play.

9.Every day you feel excited to watch it as if it was your first.

10.They make the audience think what the next scene would be like.

11.Every day there is an element of surprise.

12.They never disappoint your expectations.

So, for today’s episode many expresses sadness because the two main characters are not together and today is supposedly their 8th weeksary of being a couple.

Later in the story yayadub is able to escape her captivity, meanwhile on the other side Alden is busy reminiscing their moments together when all of a sudden their came two men wearing mask, and they too kidnapped Alden. Who is the person behind this double abductions? Can they both escaped? Who will rescue them? Many netizens are asking?

My theory is they kidnapped Alden so he and yayadub will be in the same place and be together di ba? so sweet! But no, I think they kidnapped Alden for another reasons yet unknown to us. The possibility is endless. And I’m beside myself into thingking what that other reasons would be? kayo rin di ba? Abangan!

To conclude this seemingly long narrative of mine, allow me to say that I’m happy that Eat Bulaga created this one of a kind teleseye sa katanghalian. It became a habit of mine to watch them not only dahil kinikilig aq, kayo rin naman di ba? But I rather say that they inspired and open my mind into so many things. In short they *Enlightened* me. Bonus na yung they make me experienced different emotions all at once. that’s a fact!

To those people na naiinip na *laughs* ganda ng story guyz why don’t you enjoy it while it’s still going on. Sabi nga ni Lola Nidora sa tamang panahon matatapos din etong kwentong eto!

By: True ALDUB Fan



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