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Being A Daughter

My mom used to say I’m the hard-headed one, maybe I still am. I guess it’s not intentional. It comes out naturally. I voice out my opinions regardless if that is what you want to hear or if it is right I don’t really care. She used to tell me you should follow me because I’m your mom and I only want what is best for you, back then I used to think no its not because she is very strict and I’m sick and tired of hearing all her rules and to follow her just because she is my mother.(typical teenager) that’s me.

Now that I’m older my views are different than when I was young. I understand now what she is trying to impart then. The values, views, belief that she wants me to know in order to deal with the harsh realities of life. I’ve learned too late to listen and follow.

Dealing with life as a grown woman is very difficult. I must say I’m not good at it. I think I’m still my Daddy’s little girl crying for every little thing and being happy when all you ever want is being given to you with a snap of your finger.

Sadly I’m not that little girl anymore. Far from being innocent. Jaded in some aspects about life. I sometimes ask myself, are my parents proud of me? because I know they loved me even though I’m not the perfect angel they wish me to be?

Life thought me how to be strong. They mold me into what I am now. My only question is did I make my Parents proud? that is the question I have no answers about.— Opinionated Woman




I'm a simple lady who loves to write anything of consequence. I also loved reading anything under the sun and to voice out my opinion either in writing or vocally...

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