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My Personal View on Love

LOVE is simply a four letter word. Why is it that so many intelligent people fall victim once they fall in love? My answer is simple we are simply governed by our emotions that’s why we make stupid mistakes in regards to love. We are attracted to people who makes us feel important, who isn’t? We tend to support all kinds of romantic stuff like movies, proposal, courtship, love letters etc. But life is not all about love, they are so many factors you have to consider before you can say that you truly loved a person but sometimes our heart over rules our mind. When we are in love you think all the love songs are beautiful and dedicated to you, you are blind to your partners shortcomings, you always find reasons to his actions just because you loved him.

You don’t listen to your parents advise, you tend to rebel in their protectiveness to you. You always take the side of your partners even if he is at fault. That is the ugly side of loving.

When you love w/ an open mind and heart, you will know the difference of it. Loving someone can be an inspiration if you know how to handle it. They can give you the initiative to be a better version of yourself because you know that no matter what happens he/ she will be there for you. TRUST is the key and it is earned. you cannot demand your partner to trust you when you are doing something wrong or your being unfaithful. that’s absurd!

And put the LORD in the center of your relationship, you can never go wrong. Don’t let anyone compromise your beliefs and ideals that is a big No in every relationship. Try and tested by Me, I’ve recently been in a relationship that I thought is for real. But little did I know it’s all a big lie and it left me so broken hearted I don’t know if I can fully trust someone again.

maybe or maybe not, it is all in the hands of GOD cause I know that I may not be a good follower of him, he still loves me enough to give me a sign you have to let go and pick up the pieces of you I will be just be here guiding you.

By: wilonzky



I'm a simple lady who loves to write anything of consequence. I also loved reading anything under the sun and to voice out my opinion either in writing or vocally...

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