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My personal take on Being a Fan, regardless of whom we  Idolized it is better to be positive all the time, take it all. The good & bad critics, haters, bashers and turn it into something good, everything happens for a reason. I, for one sometimes find it hard to separate my personal feelings of hurt whenever I’ve read some low innuendos about my Idols: Maine Mendoza & Alden Richards but hey, I’m still human and I feel. But as I often say whenever someone happens to ask me that question is I choose to IGNORE it, That’s all. I don’t visit other sites w/ malicious article, don’t engaged in debate and I blocked those accounts whose sole intent is to make me ANGRY w/ their nonsense comments. I’m not at all Ms. Perfect in fact I’m far from it. I can be vicious if I have to, I can stand on my own in a debate but for this battle, if there is one I choose the path  of  POSITIVENESS  and to keep Silent not because I’m a Coward but because I choose to HONOR my Idols IDEALS. that’s all.

” I will not let anyone walk through my mind w/ their dirty feet.”




I'm a simple lady who loves to write anything of consequence. I also loved reading anything under the sun and to voice out my opinion either in writing or vocally...

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