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Hopeless Romantic

I admit I’m one of those women who is a hopeless romantic. I loved guys who are showy in their feelings, who shower me with gifts even those that are not too expensive, its the thought that counts they say. I’ve once received a love letter that is not actually a letter per see but a lyrics of a song that is sang by westlife. *laughs* those are the days, and mind you there is a drawing of a super sayan in that said letter but well as corny as it seems but I felt happy at that time. The feeling of a blossoming love is quite awesome it will left you feeling breathless, giddy, smiling w/out reason, optimistic, butterflies in the stomach. All the love songs ever written you will think was made for you, all the love story in the movies or in books you’ve felt a kinship cause you imagine it was you in that story. *relate much*

No matter how many times I’ve suffered from a broken heart I won’t ever be afraid to fall in love again, it is just not going to happen. There is happiness and pain in every relationship you have just to find someone who will stick by you in both the good times as well as the bad times. And I am firm believer that someday my special someone, soul mate, one true love will come and we will be happy together.

This is just a simple thought of the ever optimistic and a believer of FOREVER…




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