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Response to Daily Post

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Yin to My Yang.” The term Soul Mate is define as a person that is ideally suited to one another as a close friend or romantic partner. But there’s more theory on it in every site that I’ve visited. but for me personally soul mate is your other half whether it is on friend zoned or a romantic one, theirs a certain connection between the two of you that is so eerie in a sense that even though you’ve just met or you’ve known each other for a while there are some comfortability in your actions,the way you treat each other and sometimes even the way you think is similar.

Love is a constant feeling that we feel strongly w/ our family, friends, acquaintance and  especially our special someone. Personally I can’t say if I finally met my soul mate, I have several exes in my 35 years of existence but I don’t feel in those relationships the deep feeling or connection you must be able to say accurately that he is the one for me, not yet.

that’s all. Hoping to finally met him in God’s perfect time.




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