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Freedom of Speech is a right and a privilege.  But with every freedom there comes also a responsibility.  As I’ve said to my sister,

     “We may have freedom of speech but we also have to remember that it doesn’t grant us the freedom to hurt other people.”

Most people seem to have forgotten this fact as each raced to express their individual opinions on everything whether solicited or not.  Though I am glad to be alive in this time, where people do not fear to speak out what’s on their mind, our freedom to speak freely is intended to give voices to things that are important to us and to society as a whole, not as an avenue to inflict harm as is most prevalent today in social media.

FACT:  There are still places on Earth wherein freedom of speech is much restricted or does not exist at…

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In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Brainwave.”

Hmmm… Okay I don’t exactly know how to answer this one. *laughs* My greatest idea I guess is to pursue writing even if I find myself virtually mentally blocked sometimes, as in blank slate…nothing to write… I find it stimulates my mind, it helps me to focus on things, writing in a way help give me a voice, an avenue to write my innermost thoughts. To help others understand me better. *Winks* I admit I’m a little weird, easy go lucky gal… But when I write, you can’t very well tell that I’m that gal right? The idea came to me while I’m sitting on my chair, bored to death by the way my life is turning at the moment, then boom came the idea, why not write? So, I write…. I write almost anything… Even silly things but sometimes I pick out a certain topics that I feel is worth writing, then I do it… The problem it solved well, I’m not bored anymore, I loved what I do and it help me focus my mind on important things aside from going to party and shopping.

Just saying!!!


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Amidst the constant buzz of life came the world full of crime, I for one cannot comprehend the true horrors of the victims, the way they suffered, the injustices of it all. I sometimes question myself, where do we go from here? How can we defend ourselves if the situation arises? Who can we call for help? Can we trust those individuals, who swear an oath to defend and protect. Since, I’ve learned how to read I read a thousand articles on tabloids and newspaper alike but look at that everywhere you turn the pages…Crime after crime is on the headline. The world is full of endless possibilities but you can never deny that its full of horrors too. That each day we go out, we put ourselves in grave danger. Scary to think that as we became more modernized in our technology the world of crime does too. The criminals became more good at what they do, they often manipulate the authorities. What a sorry way of life it is, if we continue to live in fear. Even in our home, crime can happens, horrors can be committed by  a person you fully trusted… Home, a supposedly safe haven for us… Can become a scene of the crime.

Just a thought…


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do you Believe in Magic?.”

OMG! the question I’ve been dying to answer. *laughs* hmmmm… Definitely yes, who wouldn’t be? even at my age I still believe magic do exist. I’m a sucker on reading books about spells and magics like harry potter series & Charm series you know. I like to watch movies who tackles about magic and such… And I used to think before, what if I’m a fairy or a witch you know, and I could make spells and magic like turning someone into a frog or making fabulous vanishing spells…so cool, right? But seriously though, I believe if magic do exist life would be much easier on all of us. But then again, it can also have a set back like what if other people used it to harm others right? It’s a good thing though that magic exist in movies. Children can at least believe even for a moment that they  exist and they can do good as well as bad… You know those battle between the good witch versus the bad witch etc. Those movies teach our young ones moral lessons that they can adapt later in life. That’s all!!


Response to Daily Post

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Just my thoughts… Everyone has certain rights, and they know it. I often find myself into thinking that if we have rights there goes to say we too, have certain responsibilities over it right? Many debates or arguments are now circling on a certain rights, the rights of expressing one self. Many opinionated individuals are throwing comments, writing articles, voicing opinions here and there. But most specially you can see it on social media like twitter, instagram, facebook etc. My question are these, how can you express yourself responsibly? Do you know how? How do you react if a certain issues pop out? How do you handle haters or bashers alike? Those are some of my questions. And here are my take on it…

On how I can express myself responsibly, hmmmm… I must admit it’s a tough question indeed. But let me answer it as honestly as I can… okay here it goes. Well I often say that you must speak or write what you feel, as the saying goes the “truth will set you free” but you can say or write it in a way that you don’t malign someone or anything. If a certain issues pop out, I suggest get all the facts straight, don’t react immediately and mostly avoid reacting with your emotions still in turmoil, calm yourself first. I know it’s hard but still it’s a responsible way on how to deal with it. Haters and bashers, I think they are there specifically to torment us, you know like a walking, talking living nightmare. But hey, they only exist in your life if you allow them to continue ruling and directing your life. I guess the best defense is to ignore them, keep silent… They just go away… *laughs* But damn, it is just so hard to do… Sometimes you just have to scream your heart out and beg, just this one time let me spank that little annoying s***!!! But hey, it is just me.! Let me just say this:

Small minds can’t comprehend big spirits. To be great, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated, and misunderstood. Stay strong.