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Now You See Me

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.

Source: Now You See Me Okay, let me think. If I could disappear and appear at will I choose to change things or situations that badly needed fixing like a kidnapping, rape or simply arranging the situations at my home. When? I used it in times of need, so I could help some people. Where? Everywhere. And If this superpowers are indeed mine to used, I used it in a good way. Just to help people:)

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Lola Nidora Finally Spoke. Did you Listen?

No. I definitely don’t want that to happen. Omg. It saddened me also that some of us are too thickheaded and slow to take the hint. But I’m still hoping for the best. Thanks Ms. Carmi huggable_me:)

Huggable Me Writes

Yesterday’s episode was an eye-opener.

I have missed Lola Nidora’s punchlines and quotes. But this time, she spoke directly to us. She wanted us to listen. She wanted us to know how she felt.

I stared at her and hung on to every word.

“Hindi naman pwedeng si Alden may mundong iba tapos tong si Divina ikakandado natin sa maliit nyang mundo.

Kung huhusgahan niyo itong si Divina na wala naman kayong nakikitang ebidensya, Aba! Big Time! Grabe kayo sa kanya ha! Kung gusto niyo at magduda si Alden at kayo e di ikulong nyo na lang tong si Divina dito sa barangay. Wag na makipagusap kahit kanino.”

Ever since the Jake character was introduced, it has sparked a lot of bickering, discussions, conclusions. We haven’t even seen the guy and Divina hasn’t really done anything with me that we’ve seen and yet how come there was such backslash aimed…

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Sink or Swim

Tell us about a time when you were left on your own, to fend for yourself in an overwhelming situation — on the job, at home, at school. What was the outcome?

Source: Sink or Swim Well definitely it was too much at first. Fending on your own, trying to grasp what to do. Where to begin? What things to do at first. But, hey everything can be learned with minimal instructions and by listening to your instincts. They are seldom wrong…. That’s what I do when in doubt with my decisions whether its a matter of what will we cook for supper? or whether what strategies I will have to adapt to convince my client to buy our products company or what better way to speak my mind in order to win the debate contest at school. It all comes to you at the exact time that you need it. that I promise you:)

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It’s all about trust.

OMG. You are so on point in everything. I really agree on you on this one. What a great article, sana mabasa eto ng kapwa natin mga aldubnation. It is a wake up call for some of us. Why not enjoy and be thankful di ba? Don’t stress too much and mind you don’t add to the mayhem of showbusiness. I’m you’re fan ms. carmi huggable_me…. Hope you don’t mind me reblogging this. Thank you!

Huggable Me Writes


One of the most important things in life.

For me, trust is so important. It is usually the make or break word for almost anything. Relationships, careers, business, almost anything under the sun.

But since the topic is about trust, first let’s talk about Jake. So in today’s episode, Alden is in Dubai and he calls. A little tampuhan happens because of course he’s far away and he learns that Jake and Yaya Dub are going to have a little celebration. Ever since the concept of “Jake” was introduced the whole of Aldubnation was buzzing with questions: “Who’s gonna play Jake?” “Will he be a regular?” “Why does he have to come in between them?”

Alam nyo honestly, I am actually enjoying the face that they added the “Jake” character. Ok, before anybody bashes me, listen up.

Nakilala ang KalyeSerye not only because of the loveteam of Aldub but also because of the lessons and…

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