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I loved this story….

I want to write my feelings and opinions about the new novel that I’ve recently discovered through a friend and currently reading as of now. I’ve just finished reading chapter 10, and this is what I have to say in this novel. A good read. Definitely worth reading, I assure you that. I am literally hooked in the story line, can’t wait to read it all but I just have to write this and make my thoughts be heard by those few people who are a book addicts as I am. This is not a typical girl/boy story you once have read. This is a much more complex story of a boy who is hiding his true feelings by being rude all the time and by a girl who is a bit timid and overly kind person that I must admit would not be me even in my wildest dreams. hahaha:) I don’t see myself being that kind of character, cause I’m too rebellious to be like her. And lastly to the writer of this seemingly good novel, I thank you for sharing your god given gifts to us, to Me.

P.S. I would like to meet you someday @mimhytotwp

OMG, before I forget the title of the book is  By the way, his name is Jack Frost. You can read it at Wattpad.



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