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Lola Nidora Finally Spoke. Did you Listen?

No. I definitely don’t want that to happen. Omg. It saddened me also that some of us are too thickheaded and slow to take the hint. But I’m still hoping for the best. Thanks Ms. Carmi huggable_me:)

Huggable Me Writes

Yesterday’s episode was an eye-opener.

I have missed Lola Nidora’s punchlines and quotes. But this time, she spoke directly to us. She wanted us to listen. She wanted us to know how she felt.

I stared at her and hung on to every word.

“Hindi naman pwedeng si Alden may mundong iba tapos tong si Divina ikakandado natin sa maliit nyang mundo.

Kung huhusgahan niyo itong si Divina na wala naman kayong nakikitang ebidensya, Aba! Big Time! Grabe kayo sa kanya ha! Kung gusto niyo at magduda si Alden at kayo e di ikulong nyo na lang tong si Divina dito sa barangay. Wag na makipagusap kahit kanino.”

Ever since the Jake character was introduced, it has sparked a lot of bickering, discussions, conclusions. We haven’t even seen the guy and Divina hasn’t really done anything with me that we’ve seen and yet how come there was such backslash aimed…

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