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A Woman’s Perspective: Part 1

On Love: As women, we tend to be more romantic than men. (right?) More showy on our feelings, an absolute calendar-holic *laughs* remembering all the special occasions regarding the relationships. We tend to baby our partner, looking after him we he is sick, cheering for him etc. the works.

On Life: We tend to be more adaptable to changes I think. Were more open to new possibilities. Sometimes we tend to sulk but we bounce back fast even though it hurts us the most when something in our life is not in accordance to what we want. I think it is in our nature to be much stronger than men. *laughs* I’m not saying they are not strong but well we endure much, much, much more than them, right? esp. when were pregnant, I would like to see them carry that much load though! and ask them how they’re doing, the answer would be “EPIC” I think.

On a Relationship: Now a days I think both are in accordance that the rules in being loyal/faithful to each other depends on the couple. It’s the test of how much they love each other, willing to sacrifice, bearing his/her souls, depending on each other for happiness. The willingness to work it even though your apart is a test of true love.( I simply adore those couple who stay strong and faithful.) its a rare occurrence now in this digital generation to stay that grounded.

On Pre-Marital Sex: I can’t honestly say if I’m accordance to how young couples now a days tackle sex. It’s like a normal occurrence now to have sex w/ your gf/bf to show them your love. In my opinion its not normal because if you truly care for each other, you should be more careful and responsible enough to know that while doing this is fun or in your mind you convince yourself that is love. Well I hate to point it to you that is not. Always keep in mind that in whatever decision you do, there is a RESPONSIBILITY.

On Career: I think both men and women now are equals in terms of work. There are no question on whom is the most reliable, dependable or more efficient. Whatever men can do, women can do also.

This is not a Feminist Opinion. It is simply my PERSPECTIVE as Woman in a World that is so DIGITAL.