Respecting Our Individuality and Differences

Amidst the chaos on fandom, whether your for Maine or for Alden? My take on that it is your choice. No one can make it for you but please whoever you may decide to choose bear in mind to respect others choice as well. In the meanwhile if you are supporting ALDUB as a love team please refrain from bashing and spreading harsh word mentioning either of them. Many would be tempted to react because they love and support ALDUB as a whole, and remember these folks ALDUBNATION came to be a fandom because of it. So, let us go to another ‘HOT’ topic on twitter… The long absences of Alden, the other half of ALDUB… I can explain it plainly, he has many shows, events, movie, commercial to shoot…. So, please people a little understanding is very well appreciated. He is an actor, acting is his bread and butter to support his families, if you truly idolizes him, you have to accept all the package… accept that he is ‘BUSY’ touring all those cities, countries in order to make his fans every where in the world happy. Don’t let us be selfish and demanding. Remember at the end of the day he is still a person with feelings… And I know for a fact that he see or hear or read all the posting we do on twitter, facebook even in IG hello again people, he have a twitter or Instagram account remember. I write this article not because I want attention, the only purpose of this is to let out my thoughts and again to impart some good advise whether you want it or not. Okay to voice out my opinions na rin… Kasi honestly, aaminin ko na nasasaktan ako sa mga nababasa ko, alam ninyo ba kong gaano ako ka proud na belong ako sa ALDUBNATION, sobra akong proud kaya sana imbes na tayo-tayo ang magkawatak watak bakit hindi natin palaganapin ang respeto at palawakin ang pang-unawa nang bawat isa, pwedi po ba yun? Sa mga makababasa nito thank you, at kung ayaw ninyo naman okay lang din po. Hindi po eto sapilitan… Bawat isa ay may karapatan…. At the end of the day “RESPETO” lang ang kelangan pairalin dahil alam ko at alam ninyo magkakaiba tayo nang isip at pananaw pati nang damdamin… Gusto ko lamang sana maibalik yung tatak ALDUBNATION— LOVE, UNITY, RESPECT AND SPREADER OF GOOD VIBES.