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Am I a Jealous Type?

9 Signs You’ve Become A Jealous Girlfriend:

  1. Constantly checking his media accounts.
  2. You constantly texting him, asking him where he is? who is he with?
  3. Your too emotional when it comes to him
  4. Your hounding his every steps.
  5. You verify every girl he’s with.
  6. You make- up fake admirers to make him react.
  7. Your constantly alert w/ his every moves.
  8. Your interviewing his friends.
  9. You’ve spend hours analyzing what he says and does when your w/ him.

Then, I guess I’m one of those women who is a jealous type. But it depends sometimes if we feel something is off in our relationship. Just a nagging feeling of uneasiness, and it is rarely wrong. Call it “woman’s instinct or radar” if you will, but it is always right. So, if a guy is true then he will be lucky to never experience this episode with his woman.

Just a piece of advise, it’s okay to love and get jealous sometimes but make it a point that what your doing and feeling is right. Everything done in excess is bad. Base on my experience on love it will out really good if there is trust in both parties and let GOD be in the center of every relationship cause without him in it, it will never flourish. That’s all!