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Ang Pambansang Bae— Alden Richards

How to Begin, let me start by saying I’m so captivated with your looks. The first time I truly notice you is when I accidentally watched Kalye Serye and since then I’ve became one of the million followers that support you, and I’d never regret it.

And I made a promise to myself that I support you all the way cause you are the epitome of an Ideal Idol should be, aside from being handsome you have a very good personality a sign that you are brought up well by your parents and for that I thanked them because they share you with us.

As a Fan I tend to be hurt at times when someone bashes you but, I constantly reminded myself of how you handle things and I follow them. Another thing I truly admire about you is your undying FAITH. When you talk about God I can’t help myself to feel goose bumps, it really moved me.

Then when your life story is aired again on MPK, you made me cry so much I feel my heart is literally torn into pieces. I’ve never experienced that kind of anguish but I’ve felt for you and your family. In your shoes I can’t even begin to describe how well you handled all the trials and setbacks that mold you into what you are now and I just hope you will never change.

I love you as a Fan not with your good looks alone but the entire package. You have great personality match it with good looks and every girl in Tinseltown is going GAGA over you!

Wish you all the best!