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What is the difference between having a crush & being in love?

First, I would like to define what is a CRUSH? it is a brief but intense infatuation for someone, especially someone attractive or someone special. What is Love? it is an acceptance of the other, whatever he/she is. it has no age limits.

In order to love truly you have to be vulnerable, take risks, readying oneself to be broken or hurt. It can either change you for the better or for the worse. Love is the feeling that you do anything, everything for that person without expecting anything. (that is what we call unconditional love.) and only Jesus can give it to us.

We as a human being, we tend to view LOVE as the greatest emotion felt by the heart, which is true of course. But as human being when we love we have this tendency to expect more, like being love in return right? I guess that’s normal. So, let’s make it a point that when we professes our love to certain person it is the absolute TRUTH right? not as a response to a demand or insistence of some people around you. That’s what I call being true to oneself and being honest enough to think through all the circumstances. I know that love is supposedly felt by the heart but there is nothing wrong in using your mind as well.

Love does not end in saying “I LOVE YOU”. It is a RESPONSIBILTY to provide and to protect that special someone all through out your life. Love is not a game that if you don’t want it to continue you discard or delete it just like that. Deeper emotions are involved, it looks beyond good looks, wealth even fame. If that is your criteria in being in love then you are in for a rude awakening, that is not love. So, to those who are too hasty in passing judgment as if  they know all there is to know in a person base on some article or in whatever hearsay they gather, I suggest you just shut up or better yet look at yourself more closely or try picturing yourself in his/her shoes. okay?

There is just a big difference in having a crush to falling in love.

Just Saying!