In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Do you Believe in Magic?.”

OMG! the question I’ve been dying to answer. *laughs* hmmmm… Definitely yes, who wouldn’t be? even at my age I still believe magic do exist. I’m a sucker on reading books about spells and magics like harry potter series & Charm series you know. I like to watch movies who tackles about magic and such… And I used to think before, what if I’m a fairy or a witch you know, and I could make spells and magic like turning someone into a frog or making fabulous vanishing spells…so cool, right? But seriously though, I believe if magic do exist life would be much easier on all of us. But then again, it can also have a set back like what if other people used it to harm others right? It’s a good thing though that magic exist in movies. Children can at least believe even for a moment that they  exist and they can do good as well as bad… You know those battle between the good witch versus the bad witch etc. Those movies teach our young ones moral lessons that they can adapt later in life. That’s all!!



Response to Daily Post