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A love untold…

How to even begin re-telling a story without sounding cheesy and mellow dramatic at the same time. here goes… My life is a constant struggle of loving at the right time with the wrong guy and loving deeply that you tend to forget your life and your worth as a woman. If someone asked me right now if I do regret it my answer would be no, I’m glad it happened cause now I can truly say that I loved this man who I’m with now, my best friend, my confidante, my lover, my hon.
Our love story is very typical, a best friend turn lover that’s how our story start. A very Tele Serye kind of thing. Let me tell you how it all started, first  I’m head over heels in love with my ex and are planning our big wedding when all hell broke lose when i caught him banging another girl in his condo. Mind you it was 3 days before our wedding.  I literally went numb for a few minutes before I threw shit at them.
I swear it is a very heartbreaking moment for me. My heart is hurting and my mind can’t process all of that at once. I don’t know what to do. I feel all alone. Then as if on cue my bestfriend Ric is calling me,I struggle for a moment on what to do, to answer it or not. But in the end I end up crying my heart out in his arms asking him why? Why me? What is wrong with me? Am I not pretty enough? He let me vent my emotions on him, then after a while when I’m coherent he ask me, what are your plans now?
I don’t know what to say at first, But  i decided to call my parents and tell them what happen and asking them to do the announcement and returning of gifts, all of that. I said to them I need some time alone for myself. At first they are reluctant to let me go, fearing that I would harm myself. But when they learn that Ric is with me they finally concede.
Month went by fast… I’m still ashame to go out as if it was my fault my wedding didn’t push through, I’ll end up quitting my job and reclusing myself in our home, or at Ric’s place. All of them give me my space and a time to heal, Ric is always there with me, comforting me, offering his arms when I’m about to cry all over again, I barely notice that he is hiding something. His feelings for me resurface at that time because we were almost living together you know not like as live-in but  close to that.
I didn’t know what made him snap up at me and said “You’re stupid you know, crying over that asshole who didn’t have the guts to break it up with you first, instead you end up caughting him having sex with her secretary and you after months of crying and yet still not over him. I swear we are shouting at each other, all nonsense things, accusations and all that. I said enough. He said enough. And he literally walk out of my life just like that, I feel really shattered as if my heart is having a breakdown.
Naturally, I’ll end up chasing after him,  asking what his problem was? And he said, now you asked me. And he look at me and said you’re so dense Liann, I love you for the longest time and I’m so sick and tired of listening to you mourning your ex as if he is worth it, and then all of a sudden he kissed me full in the lips, I literally went numb for a second, did he just kiss me? I don’t really know what to say at first but when he is about to leave, I grab his arms and hug him so tight and I said to him, God Ric, don’t leave me please, I love you too moron. I love you. That’s when I realized that I’m so over with my ex, that I truly love Ric, not as an panakip-butas but more than friends.
And that’s is our story. How it all started and now at August 10th of this year we will celebrate our first monthsary as a couple. We’ve been friends for almost six years and now here we are as a couple, happily in love with each other. Truly god works in mysterious ways. Love comes at the right time with the right guy.


Happy First Monthsary Honey!!!! Love you…

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Relationships for me is two-way team, it cannot work if only person doing all the effort and the other is just waiting and taking it. It will poison the love that you felt. Those feelings of making  your partner happy. The appreciation for the effort that’s been given melts your heart like butter. In every Relationships there are times that you’ve felt unsure of each other’s feelings but they can never be solved by being cold, distant, detached it can only be remedied by talking things out, by expressing each others thought or feelings. Being a couple is not easy, their is a constant struggle to make it work, lasting and enduring. Loving is not only by means of saying sweet nothings or I LOVE YOU. You have to be both in the relationship, put GOD in the center of it so you won’t stray. Effort must be appreciated by both, constantly showing or telling your feeling is not bad. It is an Affirmation of your love with each other.

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Just For You

happy is the day that I discovered the miracle of you.

 The smile that you bring lights up my world. So my heart wishes for a merely glimpse of you. making you happy is all I could ever think of. But what could I possibly give to a girl, who apaparently have everything?

maybe just my LOVE, it is yours forever…


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My Personal View on Love

LOVE is simply a four letter word. Why is it that so many intelligent people fall victim once they fall in love? My answer is simple we are simply governed by our emotions that’s why we make stupid mistakes in regards to love. We are attracted to people who makes us feel important, who isn’t? We tend to support all kinds of romantic stuff like movies, proposal, courtship, love letters etc. But life is not all about love, they are so many factors you have to consider before you can say that you truly loved a person but sometimes our heart over rules our mind. When we are in love you think all the love songs are beautiful and dedicated to you, you are blind to your partners shortcomings, you always find reasons to his actions just because you loved him.

You don’t listen to your parents advise, you tend to rebel in their protectiveness to you. You always take the side of your partners even if he is at fault. That is the ugly side of loving.

When you love w/ an open mind and heart, you will know the difference of it. Loving someone can be an inspiration if you know how to handle it. They can give you the initiative to be a better version of yourself because you know that no matter what happens he/ she will be there for you. TRUST is the key and it is earned. you cannot demand your partner to trust you when you are doing something wrong or your being unfaithful. that’s absurd!

And put the LORD in the center of your relationship, you can never go wrong. Don’t let anyone compromise your beliefs and ideals that is a big No in every relationship. Try and tested by Me, I’ve recently been in a relationship that I thought is for real. But little did I know it’s all a big lie and it left me so broken hearted I don’t know if I can fully trust someone again.

maybe or maybe not, it is all in the hands of GOD cause I know that I may not be a good follower of him, he still loves me enough to give me a sign you have to let go and pick up the pieces of you I will be just be here guiding you.

By: wilonzky

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Why I’m hooked in KALYE SERYE

My Thoughts:

Kalye Serye has been really an eye opener for me because it made me realized that there is always the possibility of forever in love, if the two people involved is really working on it. I must admit that at first I was hesitant to watch it saying that it must be like the other show. Eat Bulaga proved me wrong in that aspects for so many reason:

1.They make me laugh.

2.It is broadcast live.

3.They have an amazing cast.

4.They make me feel kilig so effortlessly.

5.They impart lessons in life, love, family every day.

6.They make outstanding’s life twist (in the most unpredictable and humorous ways.)

7.The story is evolving in itself as it doesn’t focus on one or two characters.

8.Every character have different roles to play.

9.Every day you feel excited to watch it as if it was your first.

10.They make the audience think what the next scene would be like.

11.Every day there is an element of surprise.

12.They never disappoint your expectations.

So, for today’s episode many expresses sadness because the two main characters are not together and today is supposedly their 8th weeksary of being a couple.

Later in the story yayadub is able to escape her captivity, meanwhile on the other side Alden is busy reminiscing their moments together when all of a sudden their came two men wearing mask, and they too kidnapped Alden. Who is the person behind this double abductions? Can they both escaped? Who will rescue them? Many netizens are asking?

My theory is they kidnapped Alden so he and yayadub will be in the same place and be together di ba? so sweet! But no, I think they kidnapped Alden for another reasons yet unknown to us. The possibility is endless. And I’m beside myself into thingking what that other reasons would be? kayo rin di ba? Abangan!

To conclude this seemingly long narrative of mine, allow me to say that I’m happy that Eat Bulaga created this one of a kind teleseye sa katanghalian. It became a habit of mine to watch them not only dahil kinikilig aq, kayo rin naman di ba? But I rather say that they inspired and open my mind into so many things. In short they *Enlightened* me. Bonus na yung they make me experienced different emotions all at once. that’s a fact!

To those people na naiinip na *laughs* ganda ng story guyz why don’t you enjoy it while it’s still going on. Sabi nga ni Lola Nidora sa tamang panahon matatapos din etong kwentong eto!

By: True ALDUB Fan