Posted in Modern world Versus Crime


Amidst the constant buzz of life came the world full of crime, I for one cannot comprehend the true horrors of the victims, the way they suffered, the injustices of it all. I sometimes question myself, where do we go from here? How can we defend ourselves if the situation arises? Who can we call for help? Can we trust those individuals, who swear an oath to defend and protect. Since, I’ve learned how to read I read a thousand articles on tabloids and newspaper alike but look at that everywhere you turn the pages…Crime after crime is on the headline. The world is full of endless possibilities but you can never deny that its full of horrors too. That each day we go out, we put ourselves in grave danger. Scary to think that as we became more modernized in our technology the world of crime does too. The criminals became more good at what they do, they often manipulate the authorities. What a sorry way of life it is, if we continue to live in fear. Even in our home, crime can happens, horrors can be committed by  a person you fully trusted… Home, a supposedly safe haven for us… Can become a scene of the crime.

Just a thought…