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Why do I write?

I write because it’s my way to express myself. I find that it makes me relax in a way, it helps me voice out my opinions or ideas or write a certain story that it’s in my head but sometimes I find it hard to truly write what’s in my head. Like regarding about a certain issues or topic that caught my attention or my mind conjure plots for a story. Maybe because I want to write sensibly, with substance, to inspire others. An Article that is worth reading again and again or a story that can evoke emotions out of my reader. It made me sad to find some article wrote by so-called writers that are full of bullshit innuendos or a writer that tells a story without evoking emotions like it was dull, boring… I ask myself is this how a writer should be? and I couldn’t find the  answer. What happens to our constructive criticism? or to our wild imaginations? I think to be a good writer you have to be well verse in reading, travelling or even exploring ideas which sometimes pop out in your mind with a suddenness that sometimes take your breath away right? *laughs.* For me writing is very sacred, it’s like baring out your soul to the public while waiting for a feedback. If I am a journalist, I would like to write the truth as I know it because many people can read your article so why write nonsense right? if your not sure about some information then research more before printing it. Why misled your readers with false info or half-truths. If I am to be a writer of fiction I want to be able to excite my readers mind, to engage them in my story, to capture their imaginations to what will happen next and to be blown away with my story. Isn’t that the reason why you write? Even if your just writing for a local newspaper or you’re a big time columnist or your just an amateur writer, write sensibly and uniquely. I really wish someday I could be as good as Judith Mcnaught and Nalini Singh in writing a story.

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.”