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To Maine:

You don’t have to prove anything… You are just a natural actress… Amidst the chaos and shallowness of showbiz, you came tumbling down and give us a whole new meaning of happiness… You’re a precious gift… We as your fan should be the one thanking you that you gave us your precious time to make us laugh, feel kilig, sad and all of the emotions you evoke in us… walang napatunayan… don’t even dare to think of it baby girl… ikaw pa lang sapat na sa amin…. Come to think of it, this LT is unexpected right? so, it’s natural that we all feel surreal.. like it came out of nowhere, then boom!!! All those detractors & bashers don’t mind them they are there for a reason baby girl… They just don’t know how to deal with you anymore… you’re the epitome of positivity…. Enjoy this moment… We will always be here for you and Alden… Whether you end up together or not…. We’ll just be here….. Follow your dreams, soar high, just be yourself…always simple and humble…