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Just my thoughts… Everyone has certain rights, and they know it. I often find myself into thinking that if we have rights there goes to say we too, have certain responsibilities over it right? Many debates or arguments are now circling on a certain rights, the rights of expressing one self. Many opinionated individuals are throwing comments, writing articles, voicing opinions here and there. But most specially you can see it on social media like twitter, instagram, facebook etc. My question are these, how can you express yourself responsibly? Do you know how? How do you react if a certain issues pop out? How do you handle haters or bashers alike? Those are some of my questions. And here are my take on it…

On how I can express myself responsibly, hmmmm… I must admit it’s a tough question indeed. But let me answer it as honestly as I can… okay here it goes. Well I often say that you must speak or write what you feel, as the saying goes the “truth will set you free” but you can say or write it in a way that you don’t malign someone or anything. If a certain issues pop out, I suggest get all the facts straight, don’t react immediately and mostly avoid reacting with your emotions still in turmoil, calm yourself first. I know it’s hard but still it’s a responsible way on how to deal with it. Haters and bashers, I think they are there specifically to torment us, you know like a walking, talking living nightmare. But hey, they only exist in your life if you allow them to continue ruling and directing your life. I guess the best defense is to ignore them, keep silent… They just go away… *laughs* But damn, it is just so hard to do… Sometimes you just have to scream your heart out and beg, just this one time let me spank that little annoying s***!!! But hey, it is just me.! Let me just say this:

Small minds can’t comprehend big spirits. To be great, you have to be willing to be mocked, hated, and misunderstood. Stay strong.