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The Misconception of Others: Separate the REEL/REAL?

Okay, before I begin this is the first time that I will address this issue, because enough is enough!!!

Alden as we all know him is a loving son, god-fearing and a gentleman and a well loved actor in the industry according to his co-actors. So, I don’t see why this issue is being thrown carelessly as if they don’t care whose gonna be hurt in the process.

KS is a segment in the noon time show Eat Bulaga who is aired Monday to Saturday, who imparts kilig, happiness as well as a dose of good values and moral lessons in life and love respectively. It has many characters that potrays a certain roles. And one of the two characters is Alden & Yayadub who eventually potrays a role of a couple in love.

So, as I’ve said earlier the issue is against Alden’s reaction/ answers in a few of his guesting and interview. They are not satisfied with his answers in some of them. This is my take on that why would you judged him as being unfair, or saying “artista” kasi yan eh? dahil lang hindi ka kumbisido sa sagot niya. Let me remind you guys that they are both in showbiz. So, don’t judge Alden if he answers base on what he knows is the truth himself as of now. Separate the Reel Show to the Real Score between the two of them. If ever meron nga. Don’t be so quick to react as if you know the truth.

At the end of the day, only the two of them knows what’s happening outside of KS! And let me remind you guys that AL-DUB is composed of two entities: AL- ALDEN & DUB- YayaDub a.k.a Maine okay? w/ out those two we don’t have ALDUB LT right now. So, let’s just wait & see what will happen w/ the KS show as well as let the Real love story unfolds in the right time, no pressure just pure love…

Thank You!