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Relationships for me is two-way team, it cannot work if only person doing all the effort and the other is just waiting and taking it. It will poison the love that you felt. Those feelings of making  your partner happy. The appreciation for the effort that’s been given melts your heart like butter. In every Relationships there are times that you’ve felt unsure of each other’s feelings but they can never be solved by being cold, distant, detached it can only be remedied by talking things out, by expressing each others thought or feelings. Being a couple is not easy, their is a constant struggle to make it work, lasting and enduring. Loving is not only by means of saying sweet nothings or I LOVE YOU. You have to be both in the relationship, put GOD in the center of it so you won’t stray. Effort must be appreciated by both, constantly showing or telling your feeling is not bad. It is an Affirmation of your love with each other.

Just my Thoughts:wilonzky