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Sweetness Overload

I’m simply hooked because they made me feel like a young girl again in the throes of her first crush, first love going into true love. Who wouldn’t like to feel the giddiness only love can bring. Aside from that you can glimpse another side of the story, it gives moral values everyday in this day and age we tend to overlook its necessity. Being in the digital age wherein all things are instant, can you not feel  suffocated and a bit pessimist if true love do exist? In Kalye Serye they bring back the old adage that true love is to be achieved with constant effort, dedication, deeper feelings and always at the right time. There is no LOVE in an instant, you have to know the person well before you can say you love her no instant relationships last, they say!

Then they have these two amazing person portraying a role, Alden being the dashing Prince and Maine as the beautiful YayaDub, who wouldn’t be captivated? They made us believe in FOREVER. That in the fact they make a perfect couple, there is magic in the air whenever they are near, they just simply click on/off screen. Many fans are clamoring to see more of them and wishing they be a couple for real. I’m one of these adoring fans who wish that.

So, lets see if the right time will be coming soon. Tune in for more “KILIG”