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My Maine Girl:)

I don’t know you personally. What I know about you is limited. It all comes from second hand sources like an information about you on SM.(Social Media). A picture here and there post on by you or my fellow ADN. But, I like you to know that I’ve never been this crazy about a LT(Love Team) before. You and A have this certain charisma that makes me instantly a fan of. Honestly though, I must admit you monopolize my everyday life, in a good way naman. I used to think that love team is pony. If u know what I mean? But since you came along, everything change drastically. I site a few reasons why:

  1. Never pa ako nag-collect ng magazine. Now I do.
  2. Never pa akong na addict sa LT ever. Now I do.
  3. Never pa ako nag-post nang kong ano-anong ka cheesiness. Now I have.
  4. Never pa akong na attract sa Boy next door look. But now I do because of A.
  5. Never pa akong natawa sa mukhang malilikot, sa’yo lang.
  6.  Ayoko ng dubsmash, pero yung sa’yo pinanunuod ko.
  7. Even in my tab, pictures ninyo ni A ang nandun at yung isa pang LT na love ko rin.
  8. You help me move on. Di na ako heartbroken ngayon.


Many of us love you for what you are. Don’t ever, ever change. Ang dami ding epal di ba? But, who cares? Ang sa akin lang, whatever u have with A, keep it private. Ako? Kami? Wag mong masyadong paka-isipin, kasi ang tunay na sumusuporta at nagmamahal hindi nandidikta at lalong lalo na hindi nagpapaniwala sa iba. Love you so much bibi girl, you bring new meaning to the word “beautiful”. You have it. Don’t let others convince you otherwise.




I'm a simple lady who loves to write anything of consequence. I also loved reading anything under the sun and to voice out my opinion either in writing or vocally...

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