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A love untold…

How to even begin re-telling a story without sounding cheesy and mellow dramatic at the same time. here goes… My life is a constant struggle of loving at the right time with the wrong guy and loving deeply that you tend to forget your life and your worth as a woman. If someone asked me right now if I do regret it my answer would be no, I’m glad it happened cause now I can truly say that I loved this man who I’m with now, my best friend, my confidante, my lover, my hon.
Our love story is very typical, a best friend turn lover that’s how our story start. A very Tele Serye kind of thing. Let me tell you how it all started, first  I’m head over heels in love with my ex and are planning our big wedding when all hell broke lose when i caught him banging another girl in his condo. Mind you it was 3 days before our wedding.  I literally went numb for a few minutes before I threw shit at them.
I swear it is a very heartbreaking moment for me. My heart is hurting and my mind can’t process all of that at once. I don’t know what to do. I feel all alone. Then as if on cue my bestfriend Ric is calling me,I struggle for a moment on what to do, to answer it or not. But in the end I end up crying my heart out in his arms asking him why? Why me? What is wrong with me? Am I not pretty enough? He let me vent my emotions on him, then after a while when I’m coherent he ask me, what are your plans now?
I don’t know what to say at first, But  i decided to call my parents and tell them what happen and asking them to do the announcement and returning of gifts, all of that. I said to them I need some time alone for myself. At first they are reluctant to let me go, fearing that I would harm myself. But when they learn that Ric is with me they finally concede.
Month went by fast… I’m still ashame to go out as if it was my fault my wedding didn’t push through, I’ll end up quitting my job and reclusing myself in our home, or at Ric’s place. All of them give me my space and a time to heal, Ric is always there with me, comforting me, offering his arms when I’m about to cry all over again, I barely notice that he is hiding something. His feelings for me resurface at that time because we were almost living together you know not like as live-in but  close to that.
I didn’t know what made him snap up at me and said “You’re stupid you know, crying over that asshole who didn’t have the guts to break it up with you first, instead you end up caughting him having sex with her secretary and you after months of crying and yet still not over him. I swear we are shouting at each other, all nonsense things, accusations and all that. I said enough. He said enough. And he literally walk out of my life just like that, I feel really shattered as if my heart is having a breakdown.
Naturally, I’ll end up chasing after him,  asking what his problem was? And he said, now you asked me. And he look at me and said you’re so dense Liann, I love you for the longest time and I’m so sick and tired of listening to you mourning your ex as if he is worth it, and then all of a sudden he kissed me full in the lips, I literally went numb for a second, did he just kiss me? I don’t really know what to say at first but when he is about to leave, I grab his arms and hug him so tight and I said to him, God Ric, don’t leave me please, I love you too moron. I love you. That’s when I realized that I’m so over with my ex, that I truly love Ric, not as an panakip-butas but more than friends.
And that’s is our story. How it all started and now at August 10th of this year we will celebrate our first monthsary as a couple. We’ve been friends for almost six years and now here we are as a couple, happily in love with each other. Truly god works in mysterious ways. Love comes at the right time with the right guy.


Happy First Monthsary Honey!!!! Love you…

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When the Reel coincides with the Real…

I honestly don’t know what to feel right now. I’m happy that Maichard is finally sailing now but honestly, gusto ko rin malaman ang mangyayari sa Aldub ng ks.  Sometimes KS is becoming one hell of a roller coaster ride. Minsan they stick to their roles and sometimes they did deviate to their own self. But, hey don’t misinterpret me. I’m just stating my observations. It’s quite confusing kasi. Pero ang saya lang kasi marami silang napapasaya. Minsan alam ko ding mahirap balansehin ang totoo sa aktingan lang. And I’m quite proud of them, kasi na pull off nila yun. Kaya I choose to support na lang at maging masaya sa bawat episode kahit maikli o mahaba man ito.

Kaya ako, nandito lang taga suporta at tagahanga. Di ko pa man sila nakikita ng personal pero alam kong hindi ako nagkamaling sila ay suportahan at mahalin.

To all ADN:

Just be happy na lang guys sa mga ganap at magaganap pa.



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My Alden kind of guy…

I’ve never once have a crush on any mestizo guy, but it all change when you came along. Now, I’m hooked. I know na marami kang katangian besides being good looking. Isa sa pinaka-gusto ko ay pagiging gentleman mo, hirap na kasing makahanap ng ganyan sa ngayon. Isa pa, ang galing mong sumagot sa mga interview. I site a few reasons why:

  1. Di ka showbiz sumagot.
  2. May laman sumagot.
  3. Marami kang malalaman. Madi-discover.
  4. You never forget to mention your faith in god.
  5. Di ka pony.
  6. May sense kausap.
  7. May convictions sa pag-sagot sa mga tanong.
  8. You rather be vague than to lie.
  9. Very straight forward.
  10. Intelligent interviewee.

Kaya sana wag na wag ka din magbabago. Continue being you. Kahit madaming basher at hater, ang importante mas marami kaming nagmamahal sa’yo at sa inyo ni Meng. Ako, ang pinaka-wish ko aside sa makita kayo ni meng ay ang makita pa kayong mas masaya at mas in love. Whatever it is that the two of you have, I rather want that you keep it private. Don’t mind US, kasi ang tunay na sumusuporta at nagmamahal hindi nangdidikta at lalong hindi nagpapaniwala sa iba. Love ko ikaw A. Kayo ni Meng.

Keep soaring high.




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My Maine Girl:)

I don’t know you personally. What I know about you is limited. It all comes from second hand sources like an information about you on SM.(Social Media). A picture here and there post on by you or my fellow ADN. But, I like you to know that I’ve never been this crazy about a LT(Love Team) before. You and A have this certain charisma that makes me instantly a fan of. Honestly though, I must admit you monopolize my everyday life, in a good way naman. I used to think that love team is pony. If u know what I mean? But since you came along, everything change drastically. I site a few reasons why:

  1. Never pa ako nag-collect ng magazine. Now I do.
  2. Never pa akong na addict sa LT ever. Now I do.
  3. Never pa ako nag-post nang kong ano-anong ka cheesiness. Now I have.
  4. Never pa akong na attract sa Boy next door look. But now I do because of A.
  5. Never pa akong natawa sa mukhang malilikot, sa’yo lang.
  6.  Ayoko ng dubsmash, pero yung sa’yo pinanunuod ko.
  7. Even in my tab, pictures ninyo ni A ang nandun at yung isa pang LT na love ko rin.
  8. You help me move on. Di na ako heartbroken ngayon.


Many of us love you for what you are. Don’t ever, ever change. Ang dami ding epal di ba? But, who cares? Ang sa akin lang, whatever u have with A, keep it private. Ako? Kami? Wag mong masyadong paka-isipin, kasi ang tunay na sumusuporta at nagmamahal hindi nandidikta at lalong lalo na hindi nagpapaniwala sa iba. Love you so much bibi girl, you bring new meaning to the word “beautiful”. You have it. Don’t let others convince you otherwise.


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I used to think, that I know all there is to know about love. But, I don’t. There is so many definitions about love. The thing is there is no exact meaning of it once you’ve felt it. Many of us think that to love a person is to be always at her/his beck and call, but I think its being too dependent. Love is being possessive, no definitely not. Love is giving, a definite yes. But, I think love varies. It depends on the individual, what you think and felt for the person. How much you are willing to show what you feel. At the end of the day, you and only you can definitely know/ show how you love. No one can dictate you.